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Can someone please explain why one of my favorite things to do is take pictures of random people? Especially when they are posing for other people? It’s like, there’s nothing they can do about it when someone quickly pops in front of them and gets a shot for themselves. Wow. Laughing, laughing, laughing. And then you have that picture forever! Documentation of a split second in some random person’s life that you will probably never see again! Does anyone else find that fascinating, beautiful, and extremely hilarious, or have I gone off the deep end?

Here, we have a subdued, half-assed cat and her mom who are only out on Halloween to see the sights, not to participate. Then there is Santa (the angel version?) who has had it with that beard and wig. It’s itchy and hot, and he wishes he wore something sexier on the only night when that’s allowed, but he’ll stick it out and tell himself ‘maybe next year’ he’ll use his free sexy-outfit-pass. Next we have the Drag Queen who is happy she doesn’t have to spend the rest of her night with Angel Santa. There are a lot of drag queens out tonight, so she/he is happy to be the chosen one for a picture. The night has just begun for that one, or at least that’s what she/he is hoping. Then there’s the random guy in a checkered hat. He came without a costume or company.  He’s gonna get outta there fast. Real fast. It turned out not to be his cup of tea.