Honeydew (me, left) and Melon (right)

In terms of where the  nicknames Honeydew and  Melon came from for my best  buddy and me, I remember it  clearly. We were sitting in my  mom’s old family van creating  as many ‘fleeting symbols of  third grade friendship’ (as Melon  defines it) as we could. Can  anyone think of a fruit besides  honeydew that starts with an  H? Working off the first letter of  our names presented challenges, but we found Honeydew and Melon, and that was good enough for us.

Do most great and legendary friendships begin with a momentous moment? Because in my very first memories with Melon (at about age 3 or 4), we were already established best friends. (Maybe there’s a gap in the beginning of the tape thanks to a man named Jerry Gergich. Anyone watch Parks and Rec? haha). I suppose protesting against releasing a pet prairie dog back into the wild, (we still miss you Dusty), and hitting our rooms with beanie baby-tornados are normal toddler-acquaintance-activities, but we were very serious about all of it. Gravely serious. And I think that immediately set us apart from other tikes our age. We believed in our ’cause de jour’. Something about our childhood relationship was very mature. We were almost like slap-happy business partners. There was an unspoken, successful push and pull dynamic in our days together. I would follow her, then she would follow me and vis versa. We learned most successfully and fairly that way. There were never petty arguments. No paper, no plastic…… and so, out of nowhere, our young life began together.

This series – ‘The Adventures of Honeydew and Melon’- is about us. If any series of interesting stories from childhood friendship is worth a once over, this one is. I’m not so bold to say that there will be many pivotal, documentary worthy stories in the series, but our experiences together were heroic and hilarious in their own way. I think you’ll get attached.